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Offshore fishing report – Mahi Mahi bite continues to be VERY good. King Mackerel bite has been better this year than it has the last five years. mahimahiAmberjacks and Bonita as abundant as well – great fighting fish. Grouper & snapper and other bottom species have been plentiful as well. Sailfish are starting to show up. The next 2 months are the best times for catching them.

This is anywhere from 15-40 miles off beach.

Near shore fishing report – Spanish Mackerel bite is on fire with a few Kings missed in. There have been a few Cobia caught. Tarpon have moved on to the beach in good numbers.

This is anywhere from 3-10 miles off beach.

Inshore fishing report – flounder have started moving in; speckled trout and red drum bite have been great.

This is on the 0-3 miles off beach.

Remember – take a kid fishing!!!