Call Us for Unbelievable Pricing

For those who suffer like my wife from motion sickness, the best thing she has found is the patch. It is prescribed by a doctor and they are a little pricey but definitely worth it. She had always taken dramamine or some other type of pill, which is fine, but took it at the wrong time. You should take one at supper the night before (make you drowsy) and then perhaps eat a light breakfast and take 1/2 of another one before getting on board. Two years ago she and my daughter went with us on a offshore trip, took their meds before going, and slept the entire time we were fishing. They did manage to get up once to catch a grouper but feel asleep again in 5 mins. They were able to drive home but slept through supper and through the night until the next morning. To say the least, it was quiet! PS We will never make you stay out in the ocean if you do get sick. We will come back in if necessary!